There cannot be a happy end, the claw will slash and tooth will rend.

Coming out of hibernation to share with you lovely and kind followers the fact that disneyland has a captain America faux smithsonian exhibit setup (ANNE) and Tony’s iron man suits.

Also, I wanted to thank you all again for the kind messages about my dad. It sounds cliche but honestly. A few kind words make a difference and I love each and every one of you for it.

We had this trip planned for a long time - like well before my nana and my dad even happened - and after some tears it was decided we really needed to get away for a couple days.

I’m not awesome with words (there’s a reason this is a mainly a graphic blog) but for the thousandth time I want to say thank you. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.

I love you all, please take care of each of other. ❤️

Escrow finally closed on my Nana’s house about three weeks ago. All that is finally done in stuff.

It’s just um. The thing of it is my dad died yesterday.

And my little sister is camping. She won’t be back til tonight and doesn’t know yet. My other grandma, his mother, doesn’t know yet bc we want to tell my sister first. And this will sound horrible but I mean gran is getting dementia so her living in ignorance for a few more hours isn’t gonna hurt anything. He has these cats and I want to take them. I hope we can take them. I love them. I just know they’re not gonna understand why they can’t live at their house anymore. And I just keep crying. And I don’t know what to do. Nana was really hard but I mean we did do hospice so there was. It was still really hard but in a way you had a chance to understand she was gonna die. My dad was sudden. We were movie buddies and we saw godzillia on Sunday and his pockets were bulging bc he always sneaks candy in lol. Just wedsday night he called me to ask if I could burn him a copy of born to run. Last thing he said was “okay g’night sweetie’ I mean I had issues with the guy. Of course I did. But like. He’s still my dad and I don’t know what to do. He’s kind of a hermit so he doesn’t do a lot of socializing but he’d usually call to just shit the breeze every day or so. Didn’t think anything of it when didn’t hear from him thurs but was worried by Friday so I drove over there and used my key and he was just there on his kitchen floor. I don’t have a movie buddy anymore I don’t know.

sometimes i think, man, fuck it. i’ve got precious little interest in that whole love and picket fence deal. and even now, even today, that concept is just new enough to have some folks scratching their heads all. well. what’ll you do then? and it’s like. um. idk. live my damn life bro? but no. say to them.

i’ll just like. dress as a beggar woman. and hand out apples. (they won’t get it. say it anyway)

or i’ll wear real heavy eyeliner. and that python print dress i’ve got. and hand out apples. (do u see the pattern yet)

or i’ll break out the bedsheets. find that laurel leaf headband i know is around here. and i’ll be a regular greek bearing gifts. (spoiler: the gifts are gold apples)

and if you’ve got any sense at all, you will turn tail and run when you see me coming.

apples, man.

goddamn fucking apples.

sorry there hasn’t been anything lately. i’ve been super busy working and crying over bioshock infinite.





it takes ten seconds to tag something and forty five minutes to hours to calm down from a panic attack. think about that for a second 

and totally feel comfortable enough to ask me to tag something that bothers you bc there are so many things that trigger people that i wouldn’t even think about and i’m sorry if i do that but let me know!

Please tell me if you need something tagged. Please please please. I will without any hesitation.

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